August 3, 2022


Dear Section I Owner:
The board has notified the committee that Section I will have three director positions open for nominations in 2023.

If you know of an owner who is interested in becoming a voice for Section I, please notify one of the current nominating committee members. We solicit your suggestions of such owners. Please do not be reluctant to propose yourself for consideration.

Ideal candidates will be those who have been owners for some years, have served as active committee members and who spend a sufficient amount of time in residence each year to be knowledgeable about the overall operation.

The Nominating Committee is dedicated to selecting the most able candidates for office and will be guided by your comments.

Important criteria to consider, as you go about suggesting a Candidate, are:

  1. The Candidate should be asked first, before his or her name is submitted;
  2. Confirm with the Candidate his/her willingness to serve, if elected;
  3. Candidate’s availability to attend Board Meetings
  4. Special skills, i.e. finance, insurance, legal, long range, horticultural, architectural, sports,
  5. The Candidate’s previous Reef Committee activity.
    The Nominating Committee is asking for nominations for Section I. If you have a candidate you wish to nominate, please forward your Candidate proposal to the Committee by September 1, 2022.

Nominating Committee:
Chuck Fourtner - [email protected] 716-860-2542
WaynePowers—[email protected] 603-300-3721
Dave Newkirk- [email protected] 630-715-6414

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