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November 15, 2021

Reef Website Updates

Did a couple housekeeping things today, and some organization.

  1. The RAI Board Meeting Minutes have been moved out of the Owner Documents section and put in an archive section at the bottom of the Boards of Directors page. There are links directly to the archives in both the side menu on the Owner's Page and the main menu on the top of the website under the Owners menu.
  2. There have been a few people seeing Microsoft Defender blocking the document viewer page that comes up when you click on a document on the Owner Documents page. This is because the documents were embedded in the website using an iFrame. iFrames are seen as a possible attack vector for websites and, as such, Microsoft Defender blocks them unless the page using them has been verified by Microsoft to be ok. This verification is taking way too long, I have simply removed the iFrame so documents will either be displayed in your browser in a new window, or will be downloaded to your computer. Which happens on your computer depends on your personal settings.
  3. The members lists (boards of directors, committees, staff...) have shown email addresses for all members that wanted them. The problem with email addresses is that they can be really long and some of them overflowed the space provided because browsers don't like to break text that doesn't have spaces in it. To get around this I have changed the email addresses to a text link that says "Email Me" which, when clicked, opens an email to the person. This is better for design and looks more professional. If you need to get the email address of the person you want to email (for instance, if you use gmail in your browser and clicking on the Email Me link doesn't open an email for you) you can right click on the Email Me text and copy the underlying email address, then paste it into an email.

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