What do the Association fees include?

Maintenance of the common area, pool, tennis courts,and clubhouse; water and sewage systems;  beach chairs and lounges; common area insurance; fully staffed office and maintenance staff; and security teams.  The REEF also owns and operates our 9 hole golf course and the only Disc Golf course in the Caribbean.  Both are open to the public.

Can we place a For Sale sign?
No.  The REEF is a gated community.  Inquiries may be made at the REEF office.

How secure and healthy is the water supply?
The REEF Condominiums are classified as a self contained Public Utility by DPNR.  We produce 100% of our water via a new, state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis Water Plant and have over 700,000 gallons of on site water storage.  Our DPNR Water Test reports are posted on our web site.  We also treat 100% of our sewage.
What percent of units are rented?

Most owners use their units for their own personal enjoyment.  Some of the REEF owners do rent their property and this number changes regularly.  However, there are seldom more than 15% of units occupied by renters at any given time.
Does the REEF maintain its' own beach front?
Although no beaches on St. Croix are private, the REEF's property extends to the edge of the public beach on beautiful Teague Bay.  The REEF provides and maintains beach chairs and lounges for beach use and regularly cleans the beach for general use.  Additionally, the well known Duggans's REEF Restaurant is located on this property.